Eaglenest Bed and Breakfast
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you book one night stays?
We are happy to book a one night stay on a last minute basis only.
We request a two night booking for all reservations, and occasionally request a three and four night booking for Holiday Reservations.

Do you have Fireplaces?
Yes, all guestrooms have the ambiance of a fireplace.  A small electric fireplace is in the Summer Room, large gas fireplaces are in the Autumn Room and Spring Room, and a gorgeous wood burning fireplace is in the Winter Room that we supply the wood for.

Do you have WIFI?
Yes, complimentary WIFI is available throughout the home and property.

Do you have A/C?
Yes, we have air-conditioning in the home for the warm summer months and forced heat and fireplaces for the chilly falls and the snowy winters.

Can we check in early?
We are happy to accomodate check ins as early as 1:00 pm when possible.  We need time to complete a thorough cleaning of all guest suites and take care of our afternoon chores to provide a clean, well-maintained home and property for your stay!

How late can we check in?
We will personally check you in before 6:00 pm, with a Golden or two.  After 6:00 pm, a welcome note will be left for you to check yourselves in.  We live in our own home next door, and are always available to assist you whenever needed! We ask all guests checking in later to be respectful of others already in the home~

Do you accept children?
Yes, we warmly welcome school-aged kids, ages 5 years+, at Eaglenest B&B. The Summer Room can accommodate up to three guests and the Spring Room can accommodate up to four guests. A $25/person/night charge is added to the rack rate of the suite for additional guests above two.

An Eagle in the Pines Cabin is great for families with kids of all ages and is your own private mountain home just one mile east of the town site of Julian! This home is a separate property from Eaglenest B&B, we do not provide Breakfast Service or Desserts at the Cabin.

Do you accept pets?
Because of the Golden Retrievers we have on property at Eaglenest, we do not accept outside pets at the B&B.

We are happy to accept pets at An Eagle in the Pines Cabin, 2 pets maximum, and a $50 charge is added to the cost of the stay.

What do you serve for breakfast?
A Fresh, Full Breakfast is provided complimentary with your stay! Please see the Breakfast Link for Sample Breakfasts and Recipes.

We serve a fresh, full breakfast at 9:00 am upstairs of the B&B.  When needed, we serve two seating times, at two separate tables, one at 8:45 am and the other at 9:30 am. This is to ensure a safe and socially distanced breakfast be provided for all!

An Eagle in the Pines Cabin is a separate home and property, with a fully equipped kitchen, stocked with all your cooking and serving needs. Breakfast service and desserts are not provided when staying at the Cabin.

Does it snow?
Yes, it can snow from December thru April/May. It is beautiful and does not stick around long! Please keep advised of weather conditions and prepare as necessary, including the purchase of snow chains when necessary. We cannot accommodate cancellations or provide refunds for inclement weather.

Do you book the whole home for groups?
Yes.  All suites are reserved individually and are charged at the rack rate for each. A One Night Deposit in each guest suite is required to confirm the stay. We ask for a 30 day notice of cancellation on a whole home booking to receive a partial refund of the deposit. 

Is there enough to do in Julian for a 2 or 3 night stay?
Absolutely, even 4 or 5 nights depending on how much you want to do or how far you want to explore! Keep in mind a trip to Julian is also about relaxing in the hammock, reading a book by the fireplace, people watching on Main Street, or just enjoying the blue birds on the deck at the Nest. Julian is a fantastic place to just be! Give your chance to heal in this awesome little town~ *See "Things to do in Julian"