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Jim & Julie Degenfelder & Golden Retrievers
Jim and Julie, both natives of Southern California, met while working for Coco's Family Restaurant and we were married in 1992.  After working in the restaurant business for almost 10 years, we dreamed of finding a new path, something we could do together, working hard every day.  "Wouldn't a B&B be cool?" I remember asking, "Maybe in Idaho, Alaska, wherever!"  It was Jim's parents who encouraged us to visit Julian, talk with other innkeepers, to see if this was the type of life style we were hoping for in their lives together.  Within months of our initial search, we found Villa Idaleen, an operating B&B in the town site of Julian that had been on the market for over 5 years, waiting for us to come along.  We took a leap of faith, quit our jobs and bought the property in 1995.  Since then, we have consistently worked to built Eaglenest into one of the most successful B&B's in Julian, and we have enjoyed our quality of life immensely!

In 2008, wanting to provide a separate home as an option for guests, great for couples, families and also offer a pet friendly rental, we embarked on a new venture, An Eagle in the Pines Cabin!  It is a fabulous mountain home just one mile east of the town site of Julian, offering the ultimate in Peace and Privacy~  An Eagle in the Pines Cabin is an amazing and comfortable home for you to enjoy as your own! 

 "We were both raised on the beaches of Southern California, but were faithful that the mountain community of Julian was the right place for us.  Our goal was to create a Bed & Breakfast home for guests to enjoy the utmost in comfort and care.  We are thrilled to have An Eagle in the Pines Cabin to offer to our guests as well.  With an awesome amount of work in front of us each day, we can't imagine what else could compare to the lifestyle we get to live together.  In partnership and with our Goldens, we will continue on in gratitude!”

  The Stories of the Golden Retrievers at Eaglenest B&B

Your stay at Eaglenest will more than likely include the love and affection of more than one Golden Retriever!  Our path of Golden Love started prior to our marriage, with Julie’s first Golden, Colby, an 8 week old who came to her on her 18th birthday. Jim then surprised her with their first pair, 7 week old goldens from a rescue program in Utah, on her 24th birthday, when the B&B was in escrow.  Lucy and Ricky set the tone for the B&B, creating ‘jobs’ for themselves within the business and we quickly became known as the B&B in Julian with the Golden Retrievers! You can always expect a Golden or two to check you in as you arrive home to Eaglenest B&B!

In 2003, a few months after completion of our own home, and wanting to fill our space with more Golden Love, we found Luke & Leah, 6 week old pups born in San Diego. This was the first time we had four goldens at once, and although it felt a bit nuts, Lucy and Ricky, who were 8 years old at the time, taught the puppies the way of life around the B&B! It was an awesome opportunity to watch and witness the growth of the young ones by way of copying and wanting to be like the elders! We were blessed as a family of 6, Jim and I included, until 2007 when Lucy and Rick passed away in the fall, three weeks apart from each other.  We were grateful to have had them for an amazing 13 years.
In 2010, we received a phone call from an acquaintance in Julian, with a litter of one week old pups, 7 Golden Retrievers.  Hoping we would be open to adopting one, or even two, it was a phone call they felt worth making! With only two boys in the litter, Jim picked Will, the larger of the two boys immediately, his sister Gracie came to be ours at 4 weeks old after she had climbed up a broken branch off a tree and fell asleep on it! She was far too amazing for us to not call her ours! So after a nice three year break with only two goldens to be responsible for, we were back up to four! 

The following year, unfortunately, due to a congenital esophageal issue, we lost Leah one week shy of her 8th birthday. As tragic as her young passing was, we would not have traded her and our time together for anything in this world.  She was amazing, as they all are. So then we were three again!

Fast forward to 2014, we have my 12 year old Luke, and Will and Gracie, now 4.  Luke was diagnosed with stomach cancer, of which we could not treat to cure. We maintained his comfort and joy for as long as his sweet body was willing to hold on, but we knew the end was nearing. 
Two days prior to his passing, I received a text from a girlfriend in LA with a picture of a pup, a 7 week old Golden.  The first text was quickly followed by a second, of which was another picture of a pup.  It was a boy and a girl, ready to be adopted, and the family wanted to adopt them out together. They heard ‘through the grapevine’ we could possibly help. I felt my Luke telling us, “It’s ok Mom, you got this. It will be ok.”  Luke passed on a Wednesday. The pups, Brett & Georgie were brought to us on that Saturday from Long Beach.  We went from three goldens, to two, to four in a matter of 3 days.  It was a tough time for all of us, however, in faith, we knew this to be right.

In February 2015, we received a phone call from the owner of the mother and brother of Brett & Georgie. Due to unforeseen circumstances within the home, Mama Peaches had gone away, and brother Bluu was left behind alone.  His depression and anxiety were increasing because of all the change and turmoil going on in his home.  At 7 months old, the babe needed a stable environment, and his human Mom was desperate for some help.

  We offered to foster, to help find a home for boy Bluu. He was brought down to us on Valentine’s Day, 2015.  No coincidence that it was the Day of Love as it only took about 20 minutes to realize this sweet pup with issues wasn’t going anywhere.  He was already home, with us, and his brother and sister.  We went from four goldens, to five, of which we had never done before!

It was maddening at first, and can still be at times, however, in wanting and praying for what is best for the goldens, it was best to make this work for him.

God Bless Bluu, all our babes combined, and also Jim and I, as we may need it most!! I know this is only a pocket of time that we will have five, and as tough as it can be, we are committed to them beyond our wildest dreams. 

The Golden Retrievers are by far one of the best reasons to choose to stay with us at Eaglenest Bed & Breakfast, your home in the town site Full of Golden Love!